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First Health Camp, In presence of Dr. Indraj Anand B.H.M.S.(M.O.Chitrakoot) , Dr. A.K.Dwivedi , Dr. Rahul Kesarwani, Dr. Vishal Srivastava and founder member of sanjivani.

SANJIVANI WELFARE SOCIETY provides complete health facility through HOMEOPATHY in treble area of ALLAHABAD, KAUSHAMBI , CHITRAKOOT, MIRZAPUR and AMETHI districts of UTTAR PRADESH

The main objective of the NGO is Provides Complete health facility free of cost through Homoeopathy Doctor Consulting, Health Checkup, and Medicines in Health Camps to the lower and middle-class people particularly to the tribal , slum dwellers of rural and urban. To encourage individual to lead a healthy life through health awareness program on various diseases. To propogate hygiene and preventive medicine. Prophylaxis Compaigning for various diseases by homeopathic medicines like Chicken pox , Measeals , Swine Flu, Dengue , Chickengunia, Hepatitis B, Anti titnes, Harpies, Diphtheria etc.

Sanjivani Welfare Society is the only NGO which working to prevent chronic diseases surrounding of Allahabad and other districts.

In order to provide free health facility at their footsteps , SANJIVANI WELFARE SOCIETY started MISSION HEALTHY INDIA project and start first health camp in the year 2014 from then Health Camps of mission is extending free services to the poor village people , Tribal and Slum Dwellers.

Other activities in project we organize health awareness activities also to control chronic diseases because mostly a lot of chronic diseases occur due to non-awareness of health specially in rural area.

  • Health & Hygiene Awareness Program
  • Malaria Cause & Cure Program
  • Child Diseases Preventive Program
  • Diabetes Cause & Cure Program
  • Population Control Program
  • Safe Delivery Program
  • Adolescence Health & Sexual Education Program
  • Homeopathic Vaccination Program

Monthly Review Meetings

We take monthly review meeting of all working team from every district for proper and honest working of project.